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eSkillsHub—an innovative initiative born from over 30 years of invaluable experience in leading and nurturing membership-based organisations and commercial teams.

Having witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by industry associations—be it the constraints of lean resources or the pressures of time—the directors of eskilshub recognised the need for a transformative solution. With a robust blend of commercial prowess, financial acumen, and technical expertise, eskillshub revolutionises the landscape.

At the heart of eSkillsHub is a profound understanding of the hurdles associations encounter in servicing their members with team members, each skilled in the core pillars of association management. What sets eSkillsHub apart is its emphasis on eLearning support—a vital component in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

The vision for eSkillsHub is it’s a dynamic ecosystem where associations can thrive, empowered by a team of seasoned professionals. With deep expertise at the helm, eSkillsHub is poised to redefine how associations navigate the challenges of today’s ever-evolving landscape, ensuring that they not only survive but flourish in the digital era.

A Journey of Innovation

Every great endeavor has a beginning, a story of growth and transformation. eSkillsHub’s journey is no exception. Born from a decade of dedicated service to the hospitality and tourism industry, we’ve evolved into a dynamic force in online education, event creation and management, member services, ecommerce and publications and are ready to serve others across diverse sectors.

A Decade of Service

Our story starts with a deep commitment to the hospitality and tourism industry. For ten years, we’ve been by your side, helping accommodation and tourism operators empower their teams through cutting-edge online education. We understand the unique challenges and demands of adult eLearning, and our mission has always been to make learning accessible, engaging, and effective.

A Vision Unfolds

As we honed our expertise in delivering high-quality, industry-specific training, and membership based services for both the private and not-for-profit sectors a vision began to take shape. We saw an opportunity to expand our services and share our knowledge with a broader audience. This vision was fueled by a desire to do the hard work for you, our valued partners and clients.

From Concept to Reality

And so, eSkillsHub was born—a platform built on a decade of experience, a passion for learning, and a commitment to excellence. We’ve meticulously crafted off-the-shelf content, ready to deploy or customise to align perfectly with your continued professional development needs for your members. These resources and our outsourced services are a testament to our dedication to simplifying your processes and workload, allowing you to focus on what you do best—serving your members.

Creating Tailored Solutions

But we don’t stop there. Our team of experts is ready to take your vision and turn it into reality. Whether you need a specific course designed from scratch or a customised version of our existing content, we’re here to elevate your people and their performance. Your success is our success, and we’re with you every step of the way.

A Bright Future Together

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, our commitment to innovation, excellence, the power of education and driving member value remains unwavering. We’re thrilled to expand our horizons and serve a diverse range of associations and membership based organisations.

At eSkillsHub, we believe that knowledge is the key to success. Our journey, founded on over a decade of service running an industry association and peak body for revenue and yield management professionals has prepared us for this moment. We’re ready to be your outsourced partner in growth, your ally in education, and your guide to elevating the full potential of your membership services.

Are you ready to elevate your member experience and value? Work with us, and let’s create a brighter future for all together.

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